Isabel Marant sneakers

High success which continues unabated, the famous wedge sneakers Isabel Marrant rempilent for summer 2013, with program a unique model and a new edition of the now inevitable "Bekett" and "Betty"... Favorite designer of the Parisian has beautiful be recently expressed a little "disgusted" by the avalanche of copies of its Betty sneakers compensated since their arrival in store in 2010, this does not preclude provided to decline them this season. It must be said that as controversial, costly and copied are they, the Bekett sneakers and other Betty sneakers do to not display less regularly "sold out". Difficult therefore to imagine Isabel Marant sneakers twist the neck of this providential pool the golden egg... For summer 2013, the designer has decided lifter its most popular model with a very 'All Stars' Star, then in declining the colors of the American flag, in either a cameo of Blues. Less known, but just as much appreciated by Kate Bosworth and others, the Betty sneakers sees it treated in monochrome mode (sand or violet). Yes, but here, if these models are likely to stimulate the enthusiasm of fans of Isabel Marant Basley sneakers, cannot unfortunately be said of the last born of the Parisian label. Between retro QuickDraw enough first degree, borrowing the Converses and cutting stopping just below the malleolus, these striped wedge-soled sneakers are unable indeed to shoot their own.
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